Friday, 19 April 2013

Perth City Mills today 19th April 2013

Perth Lower City Mills today 19th April 2013 
Originally  a corn mill and a barley mill. It was latterly in use as an oatmeal mill and stopped production in 1953. The building now houses the Tourist Information Centre. This area was served by the town´s lade which brought water from the River Almond. This ancient mill was part of a complex which included an upper mill, a flour mill, a lower mill, an oatmeal mill and a granary and offices. The upper mill is an Hotel and the old granary is now flats.  The mill building includes a rare collection of early mill machinery over four floors, which was operational during its last use as a visitor attraction. The mill includes an unusually large mill wheel of 4m wide and 5m diameter which hasn't turned since a reduction of water in the mill lade following the flood prevention works undertaken in Perth.