Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Perth Gravestone William Gowan

Perth Gravestone William Gowan
I noticed the photo of the gravestone below taken in Perth and wondered if you took the photo
and happen to have the inscription,

Yes, I took the photo. The headstone is located in the Scone Old Parish Church Scone on the outskirts of Perth. The inscription reads as follows:

In Memory
William Gowan M.F.P.S.G.
died 12th August 1884 Aged 65 years.
Also of Jane Aitken, his wife, died 17th March 1894 aged 76 years.

If from society we learn to live,
tis solitude should teach us how to die:
It hath no flatterers: vanity can give
No hollow aid alone - man with his God must strive

I believe the reference is from Child Harold's Pilgrimage by Byron